Crane Safety Heightened in Threatening Weather

Keeping an eye on the weather is a wise decision for anyone who works outdoors. This is especially important for those with careers in construction and heavy equipment operation. A responsible crane operator should be cognizant of when the weather turns threatening and how to act accordingly. American Cranes & Transport Magazine (ACT) recently posted […]

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Repairs to Sanibel Causeway Finished Early

When hurricane Ian invaded Florida late last month, one of the most reported areas of destruction was the Sanibel Causeway, a three-mile-long stretch of road that connects Sanibel Island to the Florida mainland. It consists of three individual bridge spans with two manmade causeway islands in between. The storm caused severe damage and even complete […]

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Construction Safety Improved by Wearable Technology

Remember the iconic photo of eleven construction workers with no safety harnesses sitting on a skyscraper girder and eating lunch high above New York City in 1932? The idea of doing something like that today is unthinkable, and fortunately safety standards have improved during the last 90 years. In recent times, work site safety advancements […]

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Drone Use in Construction on the Rise

Ease of use and relatively low cost have contributed to an increase of drone technology at construction sites during the last several years. Contractors utilize drones to fly over job sites and collect data in real time, which can be used with specialized software to create high quality 3D models for project collaboration. Drone footage […]

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10th Annual Tampa Pig Jig a BBQ Extravaganza

Sims was proud to sponsor the 10th Annual Tampa Pig Jig last weekend. Pig Jig raises funds for NephCure Kidney International, the only nonprofit organization committed to funding research, improving treatment, and finding a cure for the debilitating kidney disease Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) and Nephrotic Syndrome. The Tampa Pig Jig is a day-long barbecue […]

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Liebherr to Expand Technology for Remote Work

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly changed how work is performed in many industries. Thanks to social distancing protocols, many workers now perform their job from home or other remote office environment in order to prevent spreading of the virus. Heavy equipment manufacturer Liebherr has worked on remote technology for years but is now expanding applications. […]

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What to Look for in Crane Stabilization Pads

No matter what size crane is being used, its stabilization pads are essential for safety because they’re the foundation for a secure lift. Crane pads are attached directly to the ram end of each outrigger and work together to enlarge the overall footprint of the crane. But the point of contact between the crane pad […]

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3D Printed Houses Coming to Florida? Well, One for Now.

Most people are familiar with the technology of 3D printing. Design a product or object on a computer such as jewelry, toys, musical instruments, boats, guns, and even a heavy-duty crane hook. Once the design is complete it’s sent to a 3D printer, which works a lot like an inkjet printer. The difference is a […]

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Tadano Adds Innovative 2-Axle Crane to its Lineup

Crane manufacturer Tadano recently introduced a 2-axle all terrain crane to its new models. The AC 2.040-1 is considered groundbreaking in that it’s the company’s first crane developed jointly by their factories in Lauf and Zweibrücken, Germany. Additionally, it is the first member of Tadano’s future AC family and reflects completion of the merger between […]

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Ten Tips for Heavy Haul Trailer Maintenance

If you employ just one heavy haul trailer or an entire fleet for your business, you probably know that many factors can affect the lifespan of this important equipment. Challenges include rough roads, rocks, bumps, plus general wear and tear. What are some ways to prevent costly damage and keep your trailers in peak working […]

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