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Tower CraneA tower crane is most often associated with the construction of high-rise buildings simply because they are the tallest cranes. Unlike mobile cranes, a tower crane is stationary, and once assembled, it can’t be moved without being unassembled. These cranes can be used in confined or tight areas because of their design, and tower cranes are controlled by a crane operator on the ground using a remote control or an operator sitting in a cabin at the top of the tower.

The mobile crawler cranes from Sims Crane & Equipment offer an excellent alternative to tower cranes in many circumstances. Our crawler line includes Kobelco and Link-Belt rental cranes. When compared with a tower crane, a crawler crane offers the following and more:

  • Radii in excess of 300 feet, which meet or exceed most tower booms
  • Weighted capacities of 70 tons to 600 tons, higher than most tower cranes
  • Easier to set up and dismantle than tower cranes
  • Offer mobility and are easily relocated around the job site
  • Crane operators work in a cab compartment close to the ground

The application specialists at Sims Crane & Equipment can help determine if one of our crawler cranes will be a beneficial alternative for your project. Onsite consultations with our lift planning experts are also available, and our award-winning 3D software can be used to visually layout your project and help prepare your crane operator for the upcoming job. Many organizations also use our specialized rigging services to help with their projects. Our Master Rigger has a team of specialized riggers with the expertise and tools to calculate and stage the lifting and moving of heavy loads on projects in Ft. Myers, Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Panama City, St. Augustine and the neighboring areas. Contact us today to learn more about tower crane alternatives or to book a crane operator for your next project.

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