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Rough Terrain Crane Rentals For Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Miami, Naples & Across Florida

At Sims Crane, you will find us always working to provide the widest selection of rental cranes available. From a rough terrain crane to crawler cranes, when it comes to rigging, hoisting and lifting equipment, Sims Crane is Florida’s number one choice. The availability of this wide choice of equipment is a big reason.

Rough Terrain CraneOne of the keys to the growth of Sims Crane through the years has been a commitment to a particular core value. Our commitment to “availability” has been powerful fuel for our growth. Our desire to make ourselves and our equipment as available as possible is an important key to our success.

Our availability starts with our number of locations in the state of Florida. At present, we have 15 locations spanning from Miami to Tampa and Fort Myers to Jacksonville, plus one in Atlanta. This makes our team and our rental equipment accessible no matter where your project is located in the state.

Another way we are available is our access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have one of the largest maintenance departments in Florida and our parts department is extensive. At Sims Crane & Equipment you can expect more. Beyond rough terrain cranes and other lifting equipment, Sims Crane delivers with:

  • On site consultants
  • Rentals available with or without operators
  • Daily, weekly and monthly rentals
  • On site 3D lift planning
  • A dedicated team of professionals

The more time we have, to assess your situation and your needs, the better we will be able to serve you. That being said, we understand the nature of the business that can sometimes put you behind the eight ball. If you are in a situation that needs to be resolved quickly, contact us. We will do our best to make ourselves and our equipment available to assist you. From a rough terrain crane to mobile cranes, our goal is the successful completion of your project for rough-terrain crane rental in Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa and across the state of Florida.

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