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Rough Terrain CraneWhen it comes to job sites that have many steep grades, unstable surfaces, and different types of terrain, not all cranes are created equal. A standard crane may have problems navigating this type of environment, but a rough terrain crane makes it possible to continue with normal operations without having to slow down significantly or drastically alter part of the job site. Our crane company has many types of crane available for rental and delivery, whether you need one in a hurry or want to schedule further in advance.

The Benefits of a Rough Terrain Crane

We are a crane company known for having a wide inventory of rough terrain cranes. Our durable rough terrain cranes have four rubber tires that are larger scale to increase stability no matter what type of job site it's facing, outriggers for keeping them stable when they are hoisting and in operation, and a design that lowers the center of gravity to continue increasing their ability to deal with less than ideal surfaces.

In addition, they feature all-wheel drive, which means you don't have to go extremely slow to safely move this heavy equipment around the job site. Their engines make it possible for them to achieve normal speeds even if the ground would cause other cranes to slow down to a snail’s pace.

Value-Added Services

We don’t stop at simply providing crane rentals. We also cover related services so that you get everything you need for your crane jobs in one place. For example, we can handle movement of traffic services by putting barricades in place, obtain road closure permitting, and help in other areas to keep everyone safe. Our end-to-end service is designed to make everything simple for you.

Do you need a tough crane for your job site? We have many rough terrain crane models available for rent, so contact us to learn more about the crane services that our crane company offers to project managers in Vero Beach and beyond.

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