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Rough Terrain Crane Rentals Servicing Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Lake City & Cities Across Florida

In 1959, Florida was a far different place than it is today. There were no large amusement parks to bring millions of people to the state. The space program was in its infancy along the East Coast. The interstate highway system was being constructed. Towns like Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa were a fraction of the size they are now. It was in 1959 that Sims Crane Rental Service was started, and since then we have been proud to be a fundamental part of Florida’s growth with our rough terrain crane rentals.

Rough Terrain Crane RentalsSims Crane has provided rough terrain crane rentals for bridge and highway projects across the Sunshine State. We’ve provided crawlers for stadium projects, and yes, we have been a part of the growth of the Space Coast. With crane rental service locations that now span from Miami to Jacksonville and Ft. Myers to Ocala, we are positioned to continue to be instrumental in projects in the region.

Sims Crane was founded on seven core values that continue to serve us to this day. One of those is to be on-time, any time. We understand that delays and down time cost money. At Sims, we have the expertise to show you how to make rough-terrain crane rentals safely and efficiently. We have 24-hour service and emergency dispatching to handle even the tough situations quickly and efficiently. With our crane rental service, we make a commitment to be there when you need us.

Why should you get your crane rental service and other lifting equipment from Sims Crane?

  • We offer the latest equipment
  • We have a fully-trained service department
  • We offer detailed 3D lift planning
  • We have a wide selection of equipment to fit your needs

Construction projects are once again on the increase in Florida, with highway widenings and new building construction in Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton and Lake City. When you have a project that calls for reliable, quality rough terrain crane rentals that will be there when you need it, contact Sims Crane. We have been a part of building Florida for over 60 years.

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