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What to Look for in Crane Stabilization Pads

Crane outriggers with pads

No matter what size crane is being used, its stabilization pads are essential for safety because they’re the foundation for a secure lift. Crane pads are attached directly to the ram end of each outrigger and work together to enlarge the overall footprint of the crane. But the point of contact between the crane pad and ground beneath is relatively small, so an enormous amount of pressure is transferred to the outriggers while the lift is being conducted. An improperly sized pad can cause the ground to shift or collapse. Engineers take this into consideration when designing the crane pad along with maximum payload specifications provided by the crane manufacturer.

Many factors to consider

Crane pads are available in various sizes, shapes and methods of attachment. The head and pad should be incorporated into the same casting for maximum stability. Aluminum, magnesium and other alloys are both lightweight and very strong. Only qualified crane pad suppliers should be sourced for these items and not a regular industrial or metal shop.

Read the whole story at American Cranes & Transport Magazine (ACT) by clicking here. Images above from their website.

November 5, 2021

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