Liebherr to Expand Technology for Remote Work

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly changed how work is performed in many industries. Thanks to social distancing protocols, many workers now perform their job from home or other remote office environment in order to prevent spreading of the virus. Heavy equipment manufacturer Liebherr has worked on remote technology for years but is now expanding applications.

Hoist Magazine recently highlighted this in an article posted at their website. Three areas that Liebherr has excelled in remote technology development include its Remote Service app, smart glasses, and Remote Operator Station (ROS).

Remote Service App

This app diagnoses Liebherr’s cranes, excavators, and other machines for needed repairs or recommended maintenance. It can be used worldwide to transmit visual information in real time resulting in fast customer service. For Liebherr’s newest generation of cranes, the app works with built-in remote diagnosis technology and allows a service technician to connect to the crane via encrypted cell phone to troubleshoot problems.

Smart Glasses

Ideal for customers who work in remote locations where sending a specialist is time consuming or costly. Smart glasses are worn by the customer while surveying equipment and a live image is transmitted to a Liebherr service technician who can help diagnose the issue at hand. Additionally, smart glasses can be used for aerospace applications such as final inspections of landing gear assemblies. A three-dimensional model is sent to the glasses and superimposed on reality to assist with the inspection process.

Remote Operator System

Liebherr’s ROS works with all its container crane products. The multiple displays and ergonomic design allow an operator to perform normal driving tasks from a remote location, and to operate several cranes simultaneously. This can allow for fast and easy shift changes and a more attractive work environment.

Click here to read more at Hoist Magazine. Images above courtesy of their website.

July 27, 2021

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