Ten Tips for Heavy Haul Trailer Maintenance

If you employ just one heavy haul trailer or an entire fleet for your business, you probably know that many factors can affect the lifespan of this important equipment. Challenges include rough roads, rocks, bumps, plus general wear and tear. What are some ways to prevent costly damage and keep your trailers in peak working condition? International Cranes Magazine recently shared some helpful ideas.

Buy smart – When choosing a trailer, be sure to look for high-strength steel components such as 12” deep I-beams with 100,000-psi minimum yield strength. Also important are high quality primer and topcoat finishes to preserve overall appearance and higher resale value.

Check load capacity – Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for weight, speed, and safety ratings.

Inspect before the trip – Check the trailer’s brakes and tires. Do a quick walk around and inspect the frame, chains, and straps. For complete details about what should be inspected, check out this helpful video from Sims University:

Hydraulic cylinders – These should be full retracted when not in use to protect the stainless steel rams from exposure to elements.

Lubrication – Especially important for wheel ends, brakes, cams, and slack adjusters. Refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Tires – Keep them properly inflated to maximize the life of the tires and increase fuel efficiency. They should be replaced when worn to avoid blowouts and costly downtime.

Stick to a schedule – Develop a program that accounts for both the needs of your business and the importance of keeping equipment in good working order.

Keep service records – It’s important to know what has already been done when preventative maintenance or additional repairs are needed.

Proper training and mechanics – Those who use and interact with your trailers should have a thorough knowledge of capacities and other specifications outlined by the manufacturer. The same goes for mechanics who work on them.

Communication – Finally, drivers and those who maintain heavy haul trailers should always stay in touch about any concerns, repairs, and changes. This will boost the trailer’s overall performance, longevity, and safety.

If you find this information helpful, click here to read the whole story. Photo above courtesy of International Cranes Magazine.

December 15, 2021

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