Tadano Adds Innovative 2-Axle Crane to its Lineup

Crane manufacturer Tadano recently introduced a 2-axle all terrain crane to its new models. The AC 2.040-1 is considered groundbreaking in that it’s the company’s first crane developed jointly by their factories in Lauf and Zweibrücken, Germany. Additionally, it is the first member of Tadano’s future AC family and reflects completion of the merger between Tadano and Demag. From this point onward, all cranes manufactured by the company will be sold under the Tadano name.

First in the family

The AC 2.040-1 is the first of 15 new models to be introduced during the next few years, and its DNA will act as a blueprint for those cranes. All Tadano AC cranes will share features including a standardized crane control system, cab, and advanced technologies. CEO Jens Ennen stated, “The slogan for our one-brand strategy is ‘Your Passion. Our DNA.’ As far as we’re concerned, cranes are more than just a product we sell.”

Advanced Features

The IC 1 Plus control system uses automatic counterweight detection and capacity radar to determine the lifting capacity for every boom position. This allows the crane to make use of the maximum available lifting capacity with all outrigger configurations. The one-of-a-kind Tadano Surround View camera system shows maximum possible extension lengths for the outriggers along with counterweight tailswing radius, making positioning at the worksite easier.

Compact and maneuverable

The crane’s compact size makes it an ideal lifting solution at constrained worksites, and the steerable rear axle makes it highly maneuverable. Able to carry up to 2,425 lbs. of counterweight, it stays under an axle load of 26,455 lbs. The 310 HP Cummins engine offers quiet operation for traveling, low fuel consumption and a long drivetrain life.

Lots of power on two axles

The AC 2.040-1 has the capacity to lift 16,755 lbs. with a fully extended boom length of 115.5 ft. at a radius of 26.3 feet. This is something that no other crane in its class can do. Total lifting capacity without adding sheaves is 70,327 lbs. Maximum boom length is 115.5 ft. but can be lengthened with a 29.5 ft. extension, offsetable up to 40 degrees.

Read the whole story at Crane Hotline’s website by clicking here. Image above courtesy of Tadano.

May 5, 2022

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