World Record Falls at the End of the Year

One of the top Chinese-based crane manufacturers, XCMG Group, set a new world record for hoisting capability of mobile cranes by overloading its 4,000-ton crawler crane with 4,500-ton load multiple times.

According to the manufacturer's website, the XGC88000 crawler crane hoisted a test load of 4,500 tons with its 196 ft. main boom, keeping it safely suspended in the air for 20 minutes, then precisely placing it in the designated place. The successful attempt at the world record came on November 29th, only three weeks after another successful lift took place - on November 6th the same crane lifted 2,500 tons successfully with its 315 ft. main boom.

Reportedly, such a significant accomplishment prompted a round of applause from the audience. Sun Li, director of XCMG Construction Machinery Crawler Crane Research Institute was ecstatic: "How big is 4,500 tons? Suppose that the weight of a loaded truck is 10 tons, hoisting 4,500 means elevating 450 loaded trucks." He then further explained: "The superb lifting capability is attributed to the advanced structure and layout of the crane."

XCMG relies on independent R&D and manufacturing of its machines, including the world largest crawler, XGC88000. Designing the 4,000-ton crawler crane required the company to abandon the traditional design concepts and innovate by adopting the structure and layout of front and back tracked vehicle with big span, implementing an 8-chord compound arm frame and a combined rotator device. These technologies combined guarantee a greater lifting moment, enhance the load weight, safety and reliability, and allow for safe and reliable 360 degree rotation of the load. To protect its innovative technology XCMG applied for more than 10 national patents.

The superb performance capabilities of this crane will likely optimize the manufacturing technology in different aspects, shorten the construction cycle on large scale projects, improve productivity and save labor.

What would you use this crane for?

Author: Bojan Stevović, Market Research and CRM Analyst, Sims Crane


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