Webinar: Interactive Games to Teach Safety on Job Sites
Date: Thurs., November 13

Time: 2 pm EST

Sponsor: Serious Labs Inc.

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Another webinar presentation focused on technology will take place Thurs., November 13 at 2 pm Eastern.

This presentation will explore how serious games teach and train those working on job sites using heavy equipment like forklifts and aerial lifts in new ways that are effective and engaging. It will look to answer:

Why are serious games gaining traction?

How are they developed?

How is learning incorporated into game mechanics?

Andrew Czarnietzki, a product designer for Serious Labs, will talk about the interactive process that went into the company's new jobsite safety orientation game, Life Rules.  He will talk about the challenges involved in breaking down the initial concept and how those challenges shaped the prototyping phase. He will also share how the prototype has guided the development of the game, which applies to a number of applications like construction and oilfield work, and how iteration has been key to creating a product that effectively communicates training content through an engaging experience.


Source: Lift and Access Magazine

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