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Walt Disney World News Captures Sims on the Job

sims disney crane

A Sims crawler crane was recently spotted and featured in a post at the WDW News Today website. WDW News Today is an online resource devoted to news and information for fans of Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida and Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. Blogger Chris Green took photos from a dock across the water and reported about his findings.

The Sims crane was hard at work near Reflections – A Lakeside Disney Lodge under construction near Bay Lake in Orlando. Green also shared photos of permanent buildings being built, though he was unsure if they’re to be part of the resort or associated with renovations at the Tri-Circle-D ranch.

Sims has worked with Disney for many years, so this project is sure to be another successful addition to the variety of accommodations for their guests. Read the whole story and see photos at WDW News Today by clicking here. Photo above courtesy of WDW News Today.

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