USI Insurance - Crane Management Seminar Sponsor

USI is a growing and diversified insurance and financial services firm focused on providing fully integrated distribution of general and specialty property and casualty insurance and financial services such as employee benefits outsourcing and related consulting. 

Our associates are comprised of a diverse team of experts and client advisors who concentrate on specialty property and casualty insurance, and insurance related financial services. 

According to Business Insurance, USI is one of the ten largest insurance brokerage firms in the United States. USI is a nationally focused insurance firm capable of delivering high-quality insurance and financial products and services throughout the United States.

Their client centered teams of experts and advisors – working with a superior network of top-rated insurance companies, investment firms and banking institutions – are able to provide convenient, single-source access to a broad spectrum of flexible, cost –effective products and strategically enhanced services. Their Retail Client Advisors have an array of specialty groups and partner firms such as CBP, USI, Environmental Risk Mitigation Group, USI Transportation, ResourceONE and many others that form a single-source solution.
USICG is one of the nation’s largest benefits consulting firms. They serve more than 1.500 clients in all 50 states and several foreign countries, each of whom want more comprehensive, creative and cost-conscious answers to their employee benefit needs. USICG delivers on that promise.
USI's strategy is to be the preeminent distributor of financial services and property and casualty (P&C) insurance to middle market U.S. businesses. 

USI was built from inception to be a fully integrated provider of insurance-related financial services and property and casualty insurance to the middle market. 

USI is known for:
  Providing exceptional products and services
   Offering linked solutions to protect and grow clients' assets with insurance, risk management, financial management, employee benefits and asset management programs
  Balancing its national distribution strength with specialized products
   Maximizing the value of the total client relationship
   Strong market relationships with large insurance carriers and other providers of financial services to obtain: 

     ◦  Proprietary products
     ◦  Attractive pricing and compensation
     ◦  Recruiting top caliber producers and managers
USI firms are characterized by:
  A strong regional franchise name
  Specialized areas of expertise
  A history of growth and good future prospects
  Strong management
  Strong market relationships
  Broad financial services capabilities
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USI is a sponsor the Sims Crane Safety Seminar on January 11th, 2012.
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