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US Manufacturer Unveils 45-Ton Boom Truck

Elliott 45127R

US truck manufacturer Elliott Equipment Company has added a new boom truck to its line up with the launch of the 45-ton 45127R. Designed for both owner-operators and rental customers, the 45127R is the first and highest capacity Elliott Equipment BoomTruck to feature a design that allows for a 50 state federal bridge legal mounting configuration on five axles.

The new boom truck has a five-section steel telescopic boom with a sheave height of 137 ft. and an optional telescopic jib for lifting or aerial basketwork.

Other features include a 360 degree load chart without a front stabilizer, full hydraulic or electric/hydraulic controls, swing counterweight, air conditioned operator cab and optional wireless remote controls.

Available accessory packages include a ‘transmission package’ featuring a jib, basket and remotes, and an “oilfield package” featuring an auxiliary winch, rooster sheave, winch drum rotation indicator, and swing counterweight.

Author: Sarah Ann McCay, KHL Group

Source: KHL.com

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