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Tower CranesSims Crane & Equipment is the company to rely on for tower cranes and nearly any other industrial equipment you might need. For nearly 60 years, construction companies, contractors, and other project managers have trusted Sims Crane & Equipment. We are an industry leader renowned for our safety practices and education, and our team is comprised of industry experts who have the skill, knowledge, training, and experience to offer best-in-class recommendations for any job. We are pleased to offer cranes for sale, and crane rental is available from each of our 13 Florida locations.

Tower Cranes

Sims Crane & Equipment only offers our customers the very finest technology. That’s why we trust Potain when our customers are in need of tower cranes. We have two Potain tower cranes for sale and rent, both of which feature the new Crane Control System (CSS). This CSS is ideal for jobs where you need precise control, easy equipment setups, and outstanding performance.

Built to last, the MDT 389 L16 and MD 559 models available at Sims offer an integrated on-site maintenance tool that allows operators and repair personnel to quickly diagnose and centralize maintenance. The maintenance screen provides system status at a glance, and operators can monitor the screen from within the crane’s cab or view real-time information on any computer.

In addition, all Potain technology is designed to increase operator productivity and comfort - all while providing better overall performance. Innovative features include:

  • DVF Mechanism (Distribution): Trolleying speeds can reach 120 m/min utilizing progressive speed variation by proportional control.
  • LVF Mechanism (Lifting): Three mechanisms (50, 75 and 100 LVF Optima) enable these cranes to reach high working speeds that adapt to the load.
  • RVF Mechanism (Rotation): The RVF Optima+ mechanism offers complete, progressive control that adapts slewing and counter-slewing speed to match the crane operator’s unique behavior.

Enjoy the above benefits and more when you choose Sims Crane & Equipment for all of your crane rental needs. For additional product details, please read on.

If you are looking for a reputable crane rental company and need to purchase or rent tower cranes, crawler cranes, mobile cranes, or other equipment for your job site in Jacksonville or elsewhere throughout Florida, contact Sims Crane & Equipment today. We can quickly dispatch cranes to job sites across the state, and we look forward to serving you!

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