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Third Three-Axle Model Joins Link-Belt RT Product Line

A new rough-terrain crane from Link-Belt features an all-new boom, and tilting cab, and builds on a three-axle concept the company has used since 2002. The RTC-80110 Series II falls between 100- and 130-ton models at the top of the company’s nine-model line. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of 2011.
The 110-ton crane features a full-power boom fabricated from ultra-high-strength steel and formed in Link-Belt’s LexingtonKy., facility. The main boom is 150 feet long and incorporates Teflon wear pucks to eliminate boom grease. Although the five-section boom on this model is the same length as found on the 100-ton RTC-80100, the design is different. “This boom allowed us to raise the capacity without adding weight compared to the RTC-80100,” said Rick Curnutte, Link-Belt’s manager of telescopic boom cranes.
Like the RTC-80100 and RTC-80130 models, the new 110-ton RT features three axles. “The three-axle concept is all about transportability and mobility,” said Curnutte. The configuration allows for smaller wheels and that equates to a lower overall height of only 12’2.5″. “Link-Belt three-axle RTs can be transported with the wheels attached and still meet the height requirements for transport. No other crane in this class can make the same claim,” he said.
The three-axle configuration also contributes to the crane’s outstanding pick-and-carry capability of 45.3 tons, because the load is displaced across six tires, explains Curnutte. This, in combination with its long reach and compact dimensions, makes it ideal for industrial applications.
Look for more about RTC-80110 in the October issue of Crane Hot Line.

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