Terex Developing a Boom Upgrade for CC 8800-1

Under development at Terex Cranes in Germany is a spectacular new boom system to vastly increase the capability of the 1,760-ton capacity CC 8800-1 lattice boom crawler crane, IC has learned exclusively.

Information seen by IC indicates that in certain long boom combinations the capacity increase with the new Boom Booster option is 90 % or more, i.e. virtually double that of the standard boom set up. At shorter radii, where this machine is typically used for erecting refinery vessels, wind turbines and similar heavy and tall or high structures, this will be a huge advantage. It will allow heavier components to be lifted from ground level where it is safer to do the assembly work.

The Boom Booster is a much larger section lattice boom that will be the same 11.5-ft. height of the standard one but much wider – a full 33-ft. wide. Each section will be assembled by pinning individual chords, struts and cross-braces together. They will also be 33-ft. long, forming each section as a 33 x 33 x 11.5-ft. pin-jointed fully triangulated lattice structure.

IC understands that the disassembled pieces are all designed to fit inside standard 40 foot ISO shipping containers.

The new boom upgrade kit is a 236-ft. extension of the main boom onto which can be added more standard main boom. It uses tapered adapter sections top and bottom to allow fitment of standard jibs and boom heads from the CC 8800-1 and it also fits into the standard crane at the boom foot. More information will follow on this exciting development as it becomes available.


Author: Alex Dahm

Source: KHL Group

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