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Tadano’s First Half Results Show Growth

Tadano GR1000XL
Japanese crane manufacturer Tadano has reported first half revenues up almost 14 percent on last year at $843.8 million – a new record, due to stronger sales in Japan, which were up 25 percent. Exports increased by a more modest 4.1 percent with lower sales in North America and Australia, flat sales in the Middle East offset by higher sales in Europe and Asia. Net profit for the period increased 23 percent to $78.4 million.

Japanese sales benefited from higher sales of all three main product lines, mobile cranes, loader cranes and even aerial lifts. Domestic sales represented 47 percent of the total revenues. The increased revenues overseas relates to higher sales of larger cranes.

A good set of numbers from Tadano shows a solid progress in several European markets and North America in spite of this period being lower than last year. This is most likely due to strong sales last year and a weaker second quarter for Rough Terrain sales. The company still has a great deal to go for in terms of the number of markets where it is weak or has no distribution. Nevertheless, this is a very respectable performance.


Source: Vertikal.net

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