Tadano ATF600G-8 Triple-Boom System
The brand new Tadano ATF 600G-8 features an all new innovative Triple-Boom System. Unlike any other ordinary telescopic boom system seen today, the Triple-Boom System comprises of three telescopic tubes. What does this do for the crane's structure? It gains a permanent high level of flexural and torsional stiffness. Also, the three telescopic tubes are farther away from the center of the crane’s cross section, which gives the overall system more stability than a conventional single telescopic boom system.

The crane’s weight was not compromised when implementing this innovative Triple-Boom System. The weight is very similar to a conventional boom system, which was a key component when engineering this immense machine. The new eight-axle crane complies with the 12 ton per axle limit, which is mandatory on many roads in the U.S. Nonetheless, to achieve this the engineers did not compromise on the strength of a conventional steel structure.

Although this new design may seem like extraordinary new technology, it is actually based more on the way the Tadano Engineers distributed the crane's structure materials. What are the benefits of this new system? A reduction of time and expense associated with transporting, setting up, and operating boom suspension systems. One of the biggest benefits of this new design is the considerably reduced tail swing radius versus what is seen on similar large cranes with a suspended boom. The radius of the crane has been reduced from the traditional 43.64 feet to an astonishing 22.80 feet. This means working in city-based areas will be much more attainable.

This ATF 600G-8 is the top predator in its class, and this crane is the most advanced we have seen yet. Many of its rivals have been left far behind.

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