Tadano America Shuffles Personnel, Products for its Boom Trucks
Tadano America, Houston, Texas, has promoted Bryan Turner to North American manager of its boom trucks product line. He previously served as the assistant manager.

The company has also made some changes to the product line. The 5-ton TM-ZR500XL has been replaced by the next generation TM-ZE505XL. While still rated at 5 tons, the load chart has improved across the board, with a 25 percent increase at the 30-foot radius, said Turner. “In addition, the model still offers a hook stow feature, which allows the hook block to self-stow against the tip of the boom, rather than having to be tied down," he said. All other changes to the model were minor style updates.

In the future, the TM-20110 will be available on order only, with lead times of approximately six months for delivery. However, the company intends to continue to stock the 18-ton TM-1882 and 10-ton TM-1052. “The 82-foot boom on the TM-1882 features a compact stowed length of 18.5 feet, which allow it to be tractor mounted with the boom stowed over the cab,” said Turner. “The TM-1052 is popular as a rear-mounted crane or in oilfield applications mounted on an iron truck. Both models are popular as delivery or support vehicles.”

“Tadano continues to focus on providing top quality boom trucks in the 20-ton and under classes for service and support applications in a variety of industries,” he added.

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