Start 2019 with Less Workplace Stress & Anxiety

Welcome to the new year! With increased opportunities in the job market during the past couple of years, more and more people are working. Whether your job is in retail, healthcare, office administration, construction or industry, it’s important to take steps to manage the challenges and tension that come with any position. This is of equal importance in a new job or one that you’ve held for many years.

An article from last week at the Atlanta Small Business Network’s website addresses this issue and offers several practical steps to respond to work-related stress and hardships. Granted, you cannot prevent all those occurrences, but you can take some common-sense steps to manage the impact on your state-of-mind and attitude.

First, get organized. Make a list at the beginning of each day of what needs to be done, and the order of importance. When you learn of meetings, dates and deadlines, write them down immediately so you don’t lose track.

Secondly, manage time spent on emails. Unless your job requires constantly keeping track of a lot of correspondence, set a designated time in the morning and afternoon to check those emails and respond accordingly. The rest of the day can be spent doing your regular work.

Next, be sure to take an occasional break. If you work full time, stop work for a lunch period to feed your body and rest your mind.

Additionally, prioritize your leisure time with fun activities and time with family & friends. Many of us enjoy our jobs, but don’t make your life just about work. Also get plenty of sleep and keep to a bedtime schedule. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and even working right before going to sleep.

Finally, ask for help if needed. Talk to your boss or confide in a friend or family member with your concerns and get an outside perspective on the situation. A good employer will value the importance of a happy and healthy team member. If this doesn’t help, you may need to find another job or seek out professional help for anxiety or depression.

Dealing with the stress at work is important, so it’s wise to address the issue before it makes a big impact on your health and well-being.

Read the entire at the ASBN website by clicking here.

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