Sims Crane Safety Rodeo - Orlando Qualifier Results
Orlando, FL - January 29, 2011 - Over 50 people showed up for the Orlando qualifying round of the Sims Crane Safety Rodeo to participate and spectate, and some just came to chow down on Mike English's famous BBQ pork sandwiches.  Branch Manager Thomas Baldree performed for the audience, blind folded, to much amusement, flagged by Salesman Kenny Shepman via radio.  Results from the competition are posted below, and we thank everyone that contributed to making the day a great success!

Orlando Qualifying Results
1)  Johnny Bell - 2:18
2)  Adrian Morales - 3:54
3)  Brian Ellis - 4:00
4)  Tylor Wielepski - 4:59
5)  David Tosado - 6:43
6)  Bill Leonard - 8:27
7)  Danny Arnold - 13:28

Guest Results...
1)  Tommy Cunningham - 3:36
2)  Luke Denman - 3:55
3)  Tommy Denman - 4:07

Congratulations to Johnny Bell and Adrian Morales on their vistory, and good luck in Tampa on February 12th in the final round!

1st Place Winner Johnny Bell

2nd Place Winner Adrian Morales

Branch Manager Thomas Baldree readies himself for an attempt at operating the crane blindfolded!

Chef Mike English served up his famous BBQ.

On lookers Danielle Tice and Melvin Baldree observe as Kenny Shepman guides Thomas Baldree through the course blindfolded via the radio to a highly amused crowd.
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