Sims Crane Minute - Boom Deflection and Shock Loading


In our Sims Crane Minute videos, Bob Berry frequently reminds us to be mindful of work area hazards and the importance of communication during crane rental operations. Many crane accidents may be avoided simply by paying proper attention to the job site surroundings. In the latest video we want to demonstrate some improper, and very common, ways cranes are frequently mis-used which often results in serious injuries and property damage.

Understanding the boom deflection of a crane and how the crane structure distributes weight is important to lift planning for any competent lift director. When a load is lifted, the potential energy applied to the boom increases. A sudden release of that potential energy may have catastrophic consequences, causing significant damage to the boom of the crane. The boom of a crane is designed to bend, or deflect, when loads are applied, however, a crane boom is only designed to lift a load vertically. Applying a horizontal, or "side-load," to the crane structure will also cause a catastrophic failure.

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