Sims Crane & Equipment Announces Launch of 'Sims HD'

TAMPA, Fla. (Sept. 8, 2014) – Sims Crane, Florida’s premier crane and equipment provider, has launched SimsHD, a heavy-duty moving solutions for industrial applications. The newly-formed rigging company showcases the Versa Lift brand of heavy-lift forklifts, which boasts a wide range of capabilities from installing manufacturing machinery to relocating entire plants.

“The launch of this new company is a natural fit for our existing business,” said Dean Sims II, Sims Crane Vice President of Marketing. “Sims Crane has been doing rigging work for more than 50 years; however, we knew there were many types of moving jobs that we were capable of doing that do not involve cranes. So, we purchased the best heavy duty moving equipment on the market and added expertise to the team allowing us to launch SimsHD this summer.”

SimsHD provides horizontal building access and ability to enter confined or restricted spaces. The company also specializes in moving large, heavy machinery that can’t be budged under normal circumstances. SimsHD’s two Versa Lift forklifts offer high capacity lifting of 60,000 and 100,000 pounds each. 

“The SimsHD team specializes in moving things into and out of buildings using horizontal movement,” explained Sims. “This new capability allows us to safely and efficiently move sensitive MRI machines, huge HVAC equipment, lathes and presses, recycling bailers, and much more.”

With no major competitors in the industrial moving sector, SimsHD has quickly established its own niche in Florida and a reputation for doing the impossible.

“Every job is a different challenge, requiring a customized approach and special expertise,” said Kurt Kufferman, SimsHD President and General Manager. “For example, we recently had big challenge to move several HVAC control boxes – each one is the size of a mobile home – into a performing arts center in Orlando. We had to enter from the side of the building and place the units on the fourth floor. You get quite a sense of accomplishment, doing something that no one else thinks can be done.”

SimsHD utilizes equipment that is unique to the industry and to the state of Florida. Not only does SimsHD offer the Versa Lift, the company also boasts four air bearing dollies that act much like a hover craft, lifting and pushing a load of up to 40,000 pounds capacity each.  

“The market in Florida has hardly been tapped,” said Sims. “We believe it is a $20-30 million market and have identified a need that we can fulfill with state-of-the-industry equipment and experienced and skilled staff.”


Founded in 1959 in Tampa, Florida, Sims Crane & Equipment Co. is the leading crane and rigging company in the state, with over 50 years of innovative safety practices and education, sophisticated technology and financial stability. Since Founder Thomas H. Sims bought his first H-5 mobile crane in 1961, customer service principles have been built around family values and nurturing client relationships. 

As a third generation family owned and operated business, Sims Crane & Equipment is ranked 18 in the ACT Top 100 of the largest crane owning companies in North America and 45 among the RER Top 100 equipment providers. Sims offers the latest in equipment and boasts a fully trained service department. With on-site consultations, and detailed 3D lift planning, Sims Crane application specialists help safely move valuable assets.

Sims Crane & Equipment has 11 locations around the state of Florida in Daytona Beach, Ft. Myers, Jacksonville, Miami, Mulberry, Ocala, Orlando, Sarasota, West Palm Beach, Vero Beach and headquarters in Tampa. Call us at 888-97-CRANE (888-972-7263) or visit

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