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Sims and Trademark

Sims Crane & Equipment recently completed a job at Trademark Metals Recycling, LLC in Ocala.  The biggest machine in the yard is the car shredder, which shreds an entire car and breaks down the pieces to sort them out for recycling.  As you can imagine this machine gets worn down by the large amounts of metal, steel and scrap that moves through it on a daily basis.  Sims Crane brought in its 175 ton Grove all-terrain crane to help replace the safety cover of one of the components that is placed in a major artery of the large shredder. This needs to be done about twice a year, and this was Sims Crane’s second job out there this year.

Trademark Metals Recycling, LLC recycles scrap metals in the Southeast United States. It buys, sells, and processes automobiles, aluminum, copper, steel/alloys, appliances, sheet iron, industrial discards, and various grades of ferrous and nonferrous metals. The company also provides a suite of scrap services, including mobile car crushing, mobile light metal baling, demolition, containers/rolloff boxes/landfilling, radio dispatched trucking, and certified/computerized scale transactions. Its customers include the general public; dealers, such as small scrap yards/processors, recycling centers, tow yards, and tow truck companies; mobile car crushers and auto salvage yards; and industrial manufacturing plants that generate a by-product. The company was founded in 1998 and is based in Tampa, Florida. 
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