Overhead Crane Hoists' Importance in Manufacturing

Overhead crane hoists are popular tools with companies who specialize in industrial manufacturing. Anyone who wants to establish a presence in that field should plan on investing in a reliable hoist system. A post at FinSMEs.com explains what overhead hoists are and the different options to consider when purchasing one. 

What is a hoist?

A hoist is defined as an apparatus, such as a derrick or crane, that raises or lifts an object. An overhead crane hoist lifts and lowers objects inside of a warehouse or factory. A system composed of a drum or lift wheels works with a wire rope or chain to lift, suspend, and transport heavy payload from one location to another. Power is delivered via air, electricity or manual hand operation. 

Chain or Wire?

Chain hoists are popular in warehouses and industrial settings. The chain is pulled through sprockets and stored in a container. They're low maintenance, longer lasting, and typically cost less than their wire rope counterparts. With wire rope hoists, the rope wraps around a grooved drum for quiet, smooth operation. Wire rope hoists can lifter higher and quicker than chain hoists. 

What type of power?

You can choose from electric, pneumatic air or manual hoists. Electric hoists are powered by an electric motor that can be operated via remote or pushbutton control connected directly to the hoist. Air hoists feature a piston-driven or rotary motor that is powered by compressed air. Manual hoists are powered by hand-over-hand operation, are simple in design, and easy to maintain. They're ideal when speed is not needed or if space is limited.

Sims Crane & Equipment are experts in traditional crane lifting applications for over 60 years. Additionally, we offer elevator hoists for safe delivery of materials and personnel at building construction sites. Overhead crane hoists are not included in the products we offer, but we thought they might be of interest to some of our readers.

Click here to read the entire article at the FinSMEs website. Image above courtesy of Wikimedia.org.

October 5, 2020

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