Outline of Terms with Specific Duties on the Job Site

There are actions required by employees and managers at various levels within any organization that make the application of the lift management processes complete. Titles and positions enumerated may differ from site to site, however the implementation of these procedures falls within the scope of persons specifically assigned.  The following terms should be clear to the involved on a job site:

Designated: A person selected or assigned in writing by the employer or the employer’s representative as being qualified to perform a specific duty. 

Qualified: A person who, by possession of a recognized degree in an applicable field or a certificate of professional standing, or who by extensive knowledge, training, and experience, has successfully demonstrated the ability to solve or resolve problems relating to the subject matter and work.

Certified: A documented process determined by independent inspection, testing or verification that a person or object meets established criteria.  Used in context here as a certified crane or certified crane operator.

Appointed: Named as responsible and accountable for a certain period of time for a specific duty.

Repairing:  Performed by properly trained and designated Maintenance Technicians, these actions involve replacement of parts and correcting deficiencies that are detrimental to safe operation. Documentation is a major element of repair.

Maintaining: Involves the performance of routine mechanical or electrical technical functions that include lubrication, minor adjustment and servicing by trained and designated employees. Documentation is a major element of maintenance.

Inspecting: Involves the examination of parts, components, assemblies and functions of cranes and hoists and the submission of documentation that compares the existing condition with a required standard of attributes. These employees are properly trained and designated. Documentation is a major element of inspection.

Filing: Is the act of recording the documentation of actions taken. This may be a physical act of repair, maintenance, etc. or the execution of training. Its scope is large and encompasses data maintenance in both material and electronic means of all actions regarding overhead crane and hoist servicing. The documentation (filing) of maintenance is a function that must meet statutory requirements.

Approval/Disapproval: Is the process of examining the submission of a request or information the action of which either meets procedural compliance or does not. This action is conferred upon persons granted the authority to take such action within the scope of their assigned duties and responsibilities under the program.

Reviewed: This action involves examining a submitted document or form and forwarding it with a positive or negative endorsement. It requires the application of experience and knowledge of compliance to the vetting process.

Submitted: When this word appears on a document at a signature point it implies the information is represented to be correct to the best of the knowledge of the person signing.  It has a regulatory implication under 29CFR1910.179 and incorporated consensus standards.

Oversees: Directs and assigns employees in the accomplishment of various tasks and duties whether by way of direct job assignment or through scheduling. Exercises overall accountability in a defined scope of responsibilities.

Verify: To concur in the facts provided in documentation or by way of the witnessed condition of something.

The source and application of the terms above is a compilation from Webster’s Dictionary and the Glossaries contained in 29CFR1910.179, ASME B30.2, B30.11, B30.16, and B30.17.

Author: Joe Crispell, Executive VP, NACB Group, Inc.

Image above courtesy of chron.com

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