OEM GPS Data Devices

OEM Data Delivery, Shelton, Conn., has introduced a tool for seamlessly integrating location and usage data from GPS tracking devices of all equipment manufacturers. The OEM DD Unifier was designed for fleet owners and operators who want to make using GPS telematics easier and less time-consuming. The OEM DD Unifier can now manage all individual data connections and deliver them as one single connection that covers the entire fleet.  

With its unified data pipeline, OEM Data Delivery makes adopting telematics simpler and more useful. Experienced users also benefit because the Unifier allows the implementation of jobsite geo-fences for fuel and usage reporting. Fuel card data, AVL, and third-party GPS data can be accommodated. 

OEM DD uses all three tracking technologies: cellular, radio, and RFID. As a result, an engineered solution can be provided that is truly custom for the client company and each application within the company.

The Unifier can be implemented without burdening internal IT departments. OEM DD has experience integrating systems, including those from JD Edwards, SAP, Viewpoint, Oracle, and CGC, and it can provide the professional services needed to manage the entire project. 

Unifier integration is straightforward and inexpensive. Immediate benefits of Unifier installation include better, more useful information from existing telematics systems, and strategies to better manage fleet assets, logistics and fuel use. 

The Multi-Pump
OEM DD also has introduced the Multi-Pump for companies in the construction, mining, and aggregate industries. Multi-Pump allows precise tracking and documenting the use of every fluid, including fuel, engine oil, transmission fluid, and hydraulic fluid, for each individual vehicle and equipment unit in the fleet. 

Multi-Pump is a wireless, paperless, "hands-free" technology that IDs each vehicle, its location, and the fluids dispensed to it. It has a GPS and radio antenna. GPS coordinates are stamped into the record as hour data is collected. Information is collected passively, within a range of 300 feet line-of-sight, and transmitted via secure radio link. After dispensing, an OEM DD "GoPOD" unit captures equipment hours, mileage, and gallons dispensed. Captured information can then be accessed via email or password-protected web reports. Data can be easily integrated into all major back office management systems through OEM Data Delivery's Integrator Middleware.

Multi Pump offers several other important benefits in addition to tracking fluid use.  It allows both job estimating, and job costing, to be far more accurate, thanks to precise operations data.  It is a valuable tool for monitoring the health and performance of equipment, since consumption spikes when maintenance attention is needed.  Multi-Pump will also generate custom service alerts, so maintenance can be scheduled when it’s most advantageous, and over-servicing can be avoided.  Multi-Pump maintains individual vehicle histories, and facilitates important calculations and analyses. (It will, for example: calculate fuel consumed per hour, per machine, within user-specified periods.)

In addition to generating real-time information regarding critical jobsite resources, Multi-Pump can prevent fuel theft and the unauthorized dispensing of fuel. It installs on any fuel, lube, or pickup truck, or on fuel stations or remote bulk tanks. There are security options for employee and /or equipment approval. Systems are custom-engineered to user requirements, and typically consist of multiple modules, which can be implemented simultaneously or over time. Training takes just a few hours.

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