New ride installed at Old Towne Orlando with help of Sims

The Vomatron can best be described as a giant propeller with seats on each end! Similar to the centrifuge used by astronauts to simulate rocket acceleration, except it is mounted vertically. It is powered by 2 huge electric motors that rotate the giant 40 meter arm at speeds of more than 120 kilometers per hour, throwing the capsules into extreme spins putting 4gs of force upon its unwary passages. Then just as they think it is all over...the ride spins in reverse with the same degree of pure torture as before.

The passengers are restrained by an overhead lap bar which can be fixed in different positions to match various body sizes, the seats and the overhead lap bar are covered in a layer of soft foamed polyurethane which ensures maximum passenger comfort while they undergo the stresses of this ride. The overhead lap bar is restrained with a double locking rack mechanism, which is hydraulically actuated. This locking mechanism can only be opened with an operator activated release key, therefore guaranteeing maximum rider safety.

The ride will be open and ready for business within the next month, so the next time you’re in Orlando be sure to stop by and get an adrenaline rush!

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