New Record Set by a Crawler Crane

An XCMG XGC28000 crawler crane has set a new record after lifting a hydrocracking reactor weighing 1,367 tons. Complete with the added weight of the slings and other rigging, the total weight of the lift was 1,477 tonnes.

For the lift, the 2,205 tonne capacity crawler was configured with a 197-ft. heavy-duty boom, 375 tons of turntable counterweight and 12 tons of carbody counterweight. A 705-ton superlift counterweight and 98-ft. radius superlift were also used. The load was lifted at 46-ft. radius where capacity is 1,738 tons. To help complete the lift a Manitowoc 21000 crawler crane provided assistance in tailing.

The lift was completed at the Quanzhou refinery base of Sinopec, China's national oil company. The original record was also held by a XGC28000 crawler crane, which lifted 1,056 tons in Maoming, Guangdong.


Author: Laura Hatton, KHL Group

Source: KHL Group

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