New Player in the Large Crawler Crane League

To fill the gap between 440-ton and 660-ton machines, SANY America introduced a 550-ton crawler crane, suited for construction of wind energy towers, fossil fuel plants, nuclear facilities, and a variety of infrastructure projects. First presented at the Bauma China trade show in November, SANY’s SCC8500 features a host of exclusive and in-demand capabilities to meet the needs of customers in a range of applications.

According to Jon Lanning, global director of research and development for SANY, the 550-ton machine is perfect for applications where 400-ton class cranes are too small to handle the loads, while the 600-ton cranes require advanced setup to complete the lifts.

The SCC8500 is especially well-suited for construction of 330 ft. wind towers and placing of 2.5 megawatt nacelles that can weigh up to 100 tons. Furthermore, these lifts can be accomplished with a straight boom and an offset wind tip, not requiring a back mast. Full array of attachments and options available – including fixed jib, luffing jib and UltraLift package – enables applications in nuclear, petrochemical and wind power, as well as on infrastructure projects such as bridges, waterways, dams and sewage treatment plants.

In addition to its remarkable transportability and on-site mobility, the new crawler spotlights some SANY-exclusive features such as ACE (auto counterbalance equalization) System and the Sleek UltraCab.

The former system senses the boom angle and automatically adjusts the position of movable upperworks counterweight, avoiding the inefficient car body counterweights and thus keeping the dimensions and overall machine weight down.  As a result, the base machine transports on 21 trucks, same as a standard 440-ton crane.

The latter puts a premium on operator performance and comfort; stylized by Porsche Design Studios, it offers a wide-view reinforced glass, auxiliary powered air-conditioning, cab tilting, a large display, as well as a plethora of safety features.

With 10 available configurations, the SCC8500 offers maximum boom, fixed jib, and luffing jib length of 394 ft., 138 ft. and 276 ft., respectively. Performance wise, the crane is powered by a 600-horsepower Cummins diesel engine with 1,845 lb. ft. of torque. The maximum line speed is 568 feet per minute, with a regulated swing speed of up to 1.8 rpm.

For those of you working in industries involving large crawler cranes (operators, project managers, engineers, etc.), how will the SCC8500 affect your job?

Author: Bojan Stevović, Market Research and CRM Analyst, Sims Crane

Source: SANY America

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