Modulift warns against fake parts
International lifting gear specialist Modulift Group, has issued a safety warning regarding the use of counterfeit spreader beam elements.
The company issued a statement saying that it has recently been made aware that unauthorised copies of its products are being used in conjunction with original products. Modulift said it has discovered that parts of original Modulift products have been altered to make them fit together with manufactured imitations.
“These are mainly being used in the USA and it causes us great concern that the lift they are conducting may not be safe or comply with standards,” it said in the statement. Modulift said it produces all its products to the highest levels of design and manufacturing quality and tests them to the highest standards worldwide.
If there is any question about a product or component’s authenticity “please make sure you have a genuine product certificate of conformity and the annual inspection certificate for each component,” Modulift said.
If you have any doubts over a product that you have been sold please contact the Modulift compliance department direct in the United Kingdom by telephone on: +44 1202 621511 or by e-mail: and they will confirm whether or not a product is genuine.
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