Miami - Sims Crane Rodeo Qualifying Round Results

We had a great weekend in Miami, FL for the first qualifier of the 2011 Sims Crane Rodeo on January 8.  Mr. Berry has confirmed the results.  Click here to view the photos on our site or check them out on Facebook.

1st Place - Yoel Borrego - 2:50
2nd Place - Tim Brown - 2:58
3rd Place - Kurt Kuffermann - 4:00
4th Place - Carlos Canepa - 5:13
5th Place - Juan Rodriguez - 6:12
6th Place - Bob Kraft - 8:00
7th Place - Rahjel Wright - 9:28
8th Place - Chris Strates - 12:14

Congratulations to everyone for coming and enjoying the day with us, and to Yoel and Tim on the opportunity to compete in Tampa on February 12 for the Dennis Kastens Memorial Trophy.


Left to Right:  Kurt Kuffermann (3rd Place), Yoel Borrego (1st Place), Tim Brown (2nd Place), Bob Berry (Official)

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