Medical Center of Trinity Gets a Skylight

    Employees from Sky Tech, a company that specializes in setting glass for skylights, works with Sims Crane CCO Herschel “Mack” McKaig at the start of a Monday morning. He’s helping add the skylight above the driveway entry to the Medical Center of Trinity. The new state-of-the art facility is expected to house an Emergency, Heart and Vascular, Spine and Joint, Cancer and Women’s Health unit when the doors open in several months. The all-private room hospital is located in the city of Trinity, in the tri-county area of Pasco, Pinellas and 
Hillsborough Counties near the intersection of State Road 54 and Little Road.
      This particular morning, the 90 foot of main boom stretches high above the 30-ton Tadano truck crane. McKaig adjusts the gears to steadily lift each piece of glass. Attached to the shackle are four nylon slings tightened over specially designed suction cups used for lifting glass. Each slab of glass must be moved piece by piece and fitted into the frames of the skylight.
      An employee of Sky Tech explains why Sims Crane is a rental company of choice. “They have really good operators. It works out good. We stick with them. They have good operators who have great control. That’s what we need when we’re setting glass. They listen.”
      Setting the glass for the entry way will take several days to complete. The crew must also move to the back of the building to complete an additional skylight. 

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