Manufacturer Creates Massive Crane Hook With 3D Printer

Netherlands-based heavy equipment manufacturer Huisman recently completed a testing program centered around the creation of four large-format crane hooks with a 3D printer. Each hook measures approximately 5.6’ x 4.3’ and weighs just over 3,700 lbs. Lifting capacity is nearly 386 tons. The company says that using 3D printing versus traditional casting or forging reduces production cost and component lead time.

Wired for weight

Huisman began experimenting with Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) five years ago, and in 2018 completed a successful load test on a 2,200 lb. steel crane hook that could handle a payload of 88 tons. Shortly afterward they 3D printed a steel hook weighing nearly 40 tons. It was certified by the American Bureau of Shipping and installed aboard a semi-submersible crane used for offshore applications.

Each of Huisman’s latest hooks is comprised of nearly 56 miles of high-grade tensile steel welding wire, sized nine times larger than previous versions. The company says that 3D printing allows for consistent internal quality, a costly drawback to cast and forged hooks. It also is ideal for producing hooks that are non-standard sizes, have custom design, and composed of tailor-made materials for strength and corrosion resistance.

Project coordinator Daniel Bilek said, “After five years of research, development and testing of 3D printed products, we have gained the necessary expertise to use this innovative method for the production of high-quality crane hooks.”

Huisman manufactures industrial equipment used in the civil, renewables, leisure, and oil & gas industries. Following the success of its 3D crane hook program, the company intends to print larger hooks in the future weighing up to 11,000 lbs.

Read more at 3D Printing Industry Magazine by clicking here.  Image above courtesy of their website and Huisman.

August 6, 2021

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