Manitowoc Introduces New Grove 4-Axle AT Crane


Crane manufacturer Manitowoc recently added a new 4-axle offering to its all terrain crane lineup. The 70-ton Grove GMK4070L made its debut at the Bauma 2022 show in Munich, Germany in October and features the longest boom and strongest load charts in its class. Additionally, the GMK4070L is one of the company’s first cranes to offer Grove CONNECT™ remote monitoring. The app-based system allows owners and operators to view crane information in real-time as well as receive alerts, optimize troubleshooting, and exchange information.

Impressive reach and lift

The full 197-foot-long boom can lift 4.4 tons, but at a length of 160 feet it can lift a load of up to 8.3 tons. When working at the maximum radius of 151 feet the crane will lift one ton. The boom can be paired with a 49-foot-long swingaway jib for a maximum tip height of 256 feet. These capabilities are more commonly associated with 100-ton cranes, allowing for more job opportunities for this model.

Performance features

A single Mercedes-Benz 6-cylinder, 430-horsepower diesel engine provides power for both the carrier and superstructure and is compatible with HVO Diesel for reduced CO2 emissions. For added efficiency the engine’s ECO mode can be paired with the transmission’s fuel saver mode. At a configuration of 16.5 tons per axle the crane can carry an impressive 17.8 tons of counterweight. To prevent overheating and reduce overall brake wear and tear, a Telma braking system is included and remains engaged even when the engine isn’t running, or the gearbox is in neutral.

High-tech gear

In addition to the Grove CONNECT™ monitoring system, the GMK4070L has an optional MAXbase feature that helps reduce setup time and offers a wider choice of symmetrical and asymmetrical outrigger positions. This is especially helpful in confined work areas. Lastly, Manitowoc’s Crane Control System assists with setup and lifting.

More information can be found at For Construction Pros’ website by clicking here. Additional information can be found here. Image above courtesy ofManitowoc.

December 16, 2022

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