Manitowoc 31000 Makes an Awkward Lift Look Easy

Manitowoc’s largest crane, the 2,535-ton capacity 31000 crawler crane has completed its largest lift to date picking and carrying a 716-ton cold box at a liquefied natural gas plant in Gwangyang, South Korea.

The lift at the Posco E&C plant involved the first 31000 to be delivered - owned by South Korea’s Chunjo Construction Co - which has been working on site since March. The crane is scheduled to carry out a 992-ton lift this month and two 1,100-ton lifts in December and February.

“It is great to see this flagship crane performing, making an awkward lift look easy,” said Chang Hwan Jang, chairman at Chunjo. “The 31000 has a minimal footprint thanks to its Variable Position Counterweight but also offers a huge capacity, so it fits our needs perfectly. We are delighted with how well the crane is performing and look forward to seeing the next challenging lift it tackles.”

The Manitowoc 31000 lifted the 180-ft. tall cold box, which measures 30-ft. square off a flat-bed trailer in tandem with a 660-ton capacity Manitowoc 18000, also owned by Chunjo. Once airborne and upright, the 31000 carried the load to its final location. The entire operation took less than two hours.



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