Link-Belt Kicks Off Fall with New Cranes

The release of a new selection of groundbreaking cranes is underway at Link-Belt. The Lexington, Kentucky-based manufacturer plans to roll out a few new models during the Fall of 2021 as part of their CraneFest event. The company hosts CraneFest every three years to showcase their new products to dealers and customers. Pat Collins, Director of Product Marketing said, “It’s time to sell some new cranes. The pandemic caused a drop in all crane markets, but we see an opening to respond and turn this battleship around. We’ve already seen a turnaround with nine months straight exceeding our forecasts.”

Introducing the 120|HT

One of the company’s most impressive additions is the 120|HT. The 120-ton four-axle mobile crane will be a fierce competitor in the smaller capacity all-terrain market. Its wider single-occupant cab that is reflective of the 175|ATs model, but what separates this crane from its predecessors, in part, is an all-new suspension and braking system. Link-Belt has worked with Hendrickson International for the past two years to design a chassis that delivers significant weight reduction and unparalleled ride quality. They also added something not available on hydraulic truck cranes until now, air disc brakes. The company says that experienced truck crane drivers will notice the superior ride quality immediately.

Gross vehicle weight is less than 90,000 pounds. When combined with 20,000 pounds of counterweight, maximum GAWR (gross axle weight rating) stands at 111,200 pounds. The Cummins X12 engine offers increased fuel efficiency, and top speed is 62 miles per hour. The six-section boom extends from 38.3 to 164.1 feet. Longer reach can be obtained with an available two-piece (35 to 58-foot) or three-piece (9.5 to 35 to 58-foot) on-board offsettable fly.

Other notable features of the 120|HT include:

  • Newly designed upper operator cab
  • Remote controlled outriggers, boom hoist, and front main winch
  • Improved carrier diagnostics via the Link-Belt Pulse 2.0 system
  • “Smart Stack” counterweight detection system

Other new offerings

In addition to the 120|HT, Link-Belt will be rolling out the 55-ton TCC-550 telescopic crawler and the 65-ton 65|HT truck crane. They will be unveiled at the CraneFest event in late September 2021.

Click here to read more details at American Cranes & Transport Magazine (ACT). Image above courtesy of their website.

August 26, 2021

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