Liebherr Debuts Electric Crawler Cranes

Austrian crane manufacturer Liebherr Nenzing has brought battery power to the crawler crane market with the introduction two all electric models. The 200 tonne LR 1200.1 and 250 tonne LR 1250.1 lattice boom cranes feature the same performance and structural elements as their diesel-powered counterparts, but diesel is replaced by large lithium-ion battery packs. The hydraulic pumps are driven by powerful electric motors with a system performance of 255 kilowatts.

Emission free

According to Liebherr, these new machines are free of emissions and produce a very low noise level. This is ideal for locations that are sensitive to noise and for communication among workers at the construction site.

“There are no compromises regarding performance or availability when compared with the conventional versions,” the company stated. A new cabin design features an updated air conditioning system with improved airflow, panoramic view and orthopaedic operator's seat that includes integrated heating and cooling.

Safety improvements include enhancements to platform design and railings on the upper carriage.

Quick charging

Both cranes can be recharged via conventional 32- and 63-amp power supply in about 4.5 hours, and in 2.25 hours with an optional 125-amp supply. The battery packs are designed for 4 hours of lifting operation.

The length of the main boom is 292 feet on the LR 1200.1 and 282 feet on the LR 1250.1. A fixed offset jib and luffing jib is available for each model. Yellow and white body graphics with blue accents signify the electric distinction to these cranes.

Kynningsrud Nordic Crane purchased the first LR 1250.1 and plans to use it in Oslo, Norway. Select Plant Hire, a construction industry supplier of equipment and services based in the UK, has purchased the second unit.

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December 16, 2020

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