LEGO Technic Releases New Mobile Crane Kit

It's been over 40 years since LEGO Technic released their first mobile crane. The 855-1: Mobile Crane was a 512-parts design that was quite simple but functional for young builders back in 1977. It was part of the first generation of LEGO's new assortment of technical sets for ages 9 and over.

The LEGO Technic 42108 Mobile Crane debuted in early 2020 and features over 1,200 pieces. A detailed review of the kit has been posted by The Brothers Brick, a website for adult builders and fans of all things LEGO. They offer news, highlights and reviews from builders around the world.

Three stages to completed crane

The 1,292 pieces are divided among three bags, each numbered for the purpose of building the mobile crane in stages. A detailed building guide is included for step-by-step instruction. Stage one is the chassis with an all-wheel steering mechanism that is symmetrical. The first and fourth, and the second and third axles turn at the same angle respectively.

Stage two consists of the driver's cab and platform for the operator's cab. Stage three finishes the operator's cab and adds the extendable boom assembly that includes several gears and string.

Click here to read the review and view detailed photos at The Brothers Brick website. Information about the first mobile crane and other kits offered by LEGO through the years can be seen here. Images above courtesy of LEGO.

April 9, 2020

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