Kobelco Cranes Unveil New G Series
March 23, 2011 - Las Vegas, NV - Kobelco Cranes has unveiled their long awaited G Series featuring two models from the series at this year's ConExpo-ConAg show, the CK1100G and CK2750G.  The G Series has been redesigned to comply with global crane safety and emissions regulations and offers up to 25% better fuel efficiency.
Kobelco Crane
The redisign of the CK1000 resulted in two new cranes, the CK1100G and CK1200G.  The CK1100G shown here is a 110 ton rated machine that transports with tracks attached for simple fast mobility.
This is achieved through features such as the the "G-Winch" which provides high speed without rising engine speed, or the "G-Engine" which reduces fuel consumption up to 10% by regulating engine speed and pump capacity for maximum efficiency and output. 
Kobelco Crane
The Kobelco CK2750G averages an additional 20-30% capacity in the luffing chart over the previous CK2500-II models.
The innovative "Auto Idling Stop (AIS)" system stops the engine when the vehicle is stopped, an industry first.  It simply restarts when the accelerator bar is engaged.
Kobelco Crane
A view up the boom of the CK2750G with 200' of main boom and 60' luffing jib installed.


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