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Job Profile- Port Everglades Part 2

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Princess Cruise lines prepares the M/S Grand Princess for a four week long dry docking.  Security is a priority at the Ports, and highly trained K-9’s and their handlers inspect each package of materials heading onto the ship, and apply a sticker giving the seal of approval for it to be loaded to the ships.  Hallmark Stevedoring Company, a company who is in charge of making sure all of the containers and packages of materials make it on to the ship in a timely and efficient manor controls the tempo of the lift onto the ship like director of an orchestra.

The While in dry dock, in the Bahamas the Grand Princess, which held the title of the “largest ocean liner” at one point; and the crown jewel of the Princess Cruise line will go through a large scale remodeling. “They are going to be removing one of the many nightclubs on the ship to make more room for passenger cabins”, states Bob Kraft, CCO operator for Sims Crane. The Princess Cruise line will clone the same process as the Holland American Line.   Make sure and check out the video below, for a video journal of the process from Princess Cruise lines chronicling the transformation of this amazing ship. 

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