JLG's G12-55A Telehandler at Lift & Access Showcase

The 2012 Lift and Access Showcase & Symposium featured walk-around demonstrations of larger telescopic handlers including JLG’s 12,000-lb. model, the G55-12A. JLG’s telehandler offers 12,000-lb. maximum capacity with outriggers down or up. With outrigger support, it can lift 5,000 lbs. to its full 55-ft. maximum height, or provide 42-ft. forward reach with 3,500-lb. capacity. On tires alone, it can lift 4,000 lbs. to a height of 55 ft., or 500 lbs. at 37-ft. forward reach.

John Boehme, product manager, said during the showcase walk-around demonstration that JLG has introduced a new paint scheme featuring a black chassis, black inner boom sections, and an orange cab to help users readily identify Tier 4-compliant models.

The G12-55A uses a 140-hp Cummins diesel engine that complies with Tier 4 Interim emission regulations using only a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), which replaces the muffler. JLG has positioned the DOC behind the engine to protect it and reduce the risk of theft. All maintenance checks and service points are easy to see and reach.

The frame-mounted outriggers provide solid support for lifting and are designed so that nothing hangs below the frame when they are raised. Firestone DuraForce MH tires, which come standard, have a self-cleaning tread, damage-resistant sidewalls, and low profile that provide three times the life of grader tires, according to the company.

JLG has widened the cab and lowered it for added operator comfort and productivity. The controls feature hydraulic power steering and a single joystick for all boom functions.


Author: Mike Larson, Editor
Lift & Access Magazine

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