JLG Improves Remote Diagnostic Capabilities

Rainy days may not stop work on the job site, but they can cause major inconveniences. Especially for technicians who need to troubleshoot equipment on site and their only option is to stand in the rain and read diagnostics on a device plugged into a machine. JLG Industries, Inc., a global leading manufacturer of aerial work platforms and telescopic material handlers, identified this issue and developed an innovative way to give technicians remote access to the diagnostic readouts.

JLG recently introduced the JLG Mobile Analyzer, a new equipment diagnostics tool that gives technicians remote access to program, troubleshoot, calibrate or customize JLG equipment performance.

The way it works is by combining a free mobile application with a wireless access module. Users download the app at no charge to their mobile phone or tablet. The wireless module plugs into a port on a JLG machine, and the app receives and displays a detailed diagnostic read-out from up to 150 ft. away. Now technicians have greater mobility around equipment and can work from their trucks for added convenience or take protective cover during inclement weather, all while continuing to receive and analyze data. Technicians are also able to make phone calls while using the JLG Mobile Analyzer, which allows them to talk with factory support representatives as they work on machines.

The JLG Mobile Analyzer is a Wi-Fi-enabled evolution of the JLG Analyzer Kit and provides analysis in the same way. Analyzer training is included as part of all JLG factory training and JLG expects to have e-learning for the Mobile Analyzer available by the end of 2013.

"Continuing to introduce new technologies that help our customers do their jobs more efficiently is a key priority at JLG," explained Chris Mellott, JLG vice president, customer support and aftermarket development. "We believe this app provides the flexibility our customers need."

Currently, the JLG Mobile Analyzer displays diagnostics in English and Spanish. By the end of 2013, JLG plans to add 11 other languages in anticipation of the product's global distribution. The JLG Mobile Analyzer application is available through Apple iTunes and Google Play stores. The JLG Wireless Access Module can be ordered through a JLG representative or on the company's parts portal, Online Express.

Source: Crane & Rigging Hotline Magazine, July Issue



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