Italian Mini Crane Newest Addition to Jekko Lineup

Jekko has released a medium-sized electric crane, dubbed the SPX650. The Italian crane manufacturer says this new model bridges the gap between their SPX532 and SPX1280 models, borrowing technology from each and incorporating its own new features. International Cranes Magazine reviewed this mini powerhouse in a recent post on their website.

Small package, lots of capabilities

The SPX650 boasts a maximum lifting capacity of just over 11,000 lbs. and features a five-section telescoping boom with 360-degrees continuous rotation and a stabilization footprint starting at 9.5 feet square. The boom's maximum working height is 54 feet and maximum outreach is 46 feet. With the addition of a hydraulic jib, the maximum outreach is increased to 65 feet and reachable height to 77 feet. The jib's maximum capacity is 2,645 lbs.

The x-pattern outrigger system, when extended, provides a stabilization area of just under 15 feet square and can be adjusted with up to 72 degrees of swing.

It's electric

A 48-volt lithium-ion battery powers the SPX650's 3-phase 16 kW electric engine. The battery can be charged in 9 hours with 220-volt domestic power source, 3 hours with a high power 400-volt charger. The crane may be used while charging. Jekko plans to make a diesel engine available in 2021 that will pair with the electric counterpart.

Remote control operation is the same as with the SPX532 and SPX1280 models, as is the hydraulic mechanism manufactured by Denmark's Danfoss. The crane is designed for indoor and outdoor applications.

A video showcasing the SPX650's capabilities and functions can be viewed by clicking here.

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August 25, 2020

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