In Preparing for Dorian, Tower Cranes become Weathervanes

The Palm Beach Post featured a story yesterday about what construction crews are doing in preparation for Hurricane Dorian in case it makes a beeline for South Florida. Kast Construction has been proactive since Monday by storing loose items inside of buildings, cleaning up work sites and removing temporary fencing. Dave DeMay, senior vice president of Kast, said that his company is working on two major projects in the area.

What happens with cranes when a hurricane looks imminent?

DeMay said that one of his sites has three tower cranes in use. If Dorian’s path appears to be headed directly to the Palm Beach area, those cranes will go into weathervane mode 2 to 3 days before the storm hits. This means that the cranes will be free to rotate as the wind directs, reducing the chance that the cranes will topple. Additionally, the three cranes are positioned far enough apart that the booms will not collide with each other.

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