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Hoisting Equipment for Jacksonville, Clearwater, Jupiter, Sebring & Throughout Florida

Hoist with water and coastline in the backgroundChampion manufacturers the hoisting equipment available for rent from Sims Crane & Equipment. Champion has been manufacturing hoists for over 100 years and is one of the most respected names in the hoisting equipment industry. Champion equipment offers the following features and benefits:

  • Champion manufactures all of their equipment in the United States
  • Products are only built with certified ASTM premium materials
  • Hoists are first primed with zinc powder and then covered with standard powder coat paint
  • Champion also manufacturers the cylinders in all Champion hoists
  • Three-year warranties cover all products

Industrial jobsites and machinery moving services often use manually operated, electrically powered or pneumatically driven hoists in conjunction with cranes or other lifting equipment to vertically lift and lower cargo, other construction equipment and/or personnel. Construction companies have used Champion material handling and single and/or dual personnel hoisting equipment rentals from Sims Crane & Equipment during the construction of entertainment facilities, hotels, apartment complexes, schools and thousands of other buildings and structures throughout Florida.

3D Lift Planning services from Sims Crane & Equipment are invaluable to customers with upcoming projects in Jacksonville, Clearwater, Jupiter, Sebring and other cities throughout Florida. Our lift planning experts use our award-winning 3D modeling software to map out critical lift plans giving lifting equipment operators and hoisting equipment riggers the opportunity to better prepare for jobs with a visual layout. Contact a Sims Crane & Equipment rental specialist today for hoisting and other equipment quotes or to learn more about our project planning services.

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