Heavy Machinery Builds Christmas Cookies in Video

With Christmas just a couple days away, professional and home bakers everywhere have been busy in the kitchen making sweet and tasty treats for the holidays. Liebherr has released a video of some of its machinery doing the same… a front-end loader scoops up flour and empties it into a dump truck. The cement mixer drives to the site with payload of brown sugar. The crawler crane lifts and transfers a massive block of butter! These and twelve other machines work in harmony to create delicious cookies in the shape of heavy duty construction equipment.

Cookies? Really, Liebherr?

Okay, this job was not undertaken with full-size machines. But the Liebherr Christmas bakery video is entertaining, nonetheless. The stop-motion presentation combines 2,787 still images at a rate of 24 images per second with miniature versions of Liebherr equipment and about 40 other props. Four members of a team spent seven days setting up, photographing, moving objects, changing scenes and tearing down. Following that, the video was edited for 14 days to get the final presentation.

Some modifications were made, including adding water to the sugar so it could be easily shoveled. The butter was frozen for the crane to lift more effectively, The egg white and yolk were blown out of the shell so that the material handler could do a better job of transporting.

Click here to see this fun video.

Read all of the details and get the recipe for these tasty cookies at the Recycling Product News Magazine website by clicking here.

December 23, 2020

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