Harness Saves Two

A video received today is reported to be of an accident that occurred on Saturday in Columbia, in which two men survived thanks to wearing harnesses with lanyards of a suitable length. 

The two men just before the accident
The photographs we have would easily have qualified for our Death Wish series, the scaffold tower was probably not the most suitable form of access for this job, it was certainly not set up properly and was clearly too low for the job.

However at least someone had the good sense to organise harnesses and lanyards which probably saved these men from serious injury, not to mention death.

A closer look at what is clearly a Death Wish

To see the video click here
It looks though as though the man on the left was not wearing his harness properly and suffered more from the shock and impact of the fall than his colleague who was. However as far as we have been able to determine so far both men were spared serious injury. 
Hopefully next time they will do a little more planning and use a lift that is better suited to the job?

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