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Harness Save Lives

Two men were saved by their harnesses yesterday after a suspended platform collapsed in Cleveland, Ohio. The two men were working on the construction of a six story building when the incident occurred. Local reports are conflicting, although an eye witness confirms our understanding that both men were saved by their harnesses and lanyards. Initial news reports said that one man had fallen.
A fire crew with a rescue platform arrived fairly quickly and were able to bring the men to the ground. Both men were taken to hospital with one complaining of shoulder pains however it is thought that the injuries sustained are not serious.

Side Note: Proper safety procedures save lives. Accidents can happen no matter how safe you try to be, but using the proper safety equipment and procedures you can help prevent injuries or death. 
Imagine the scope of the injuries had these men not been wearing their safety harness. 

Source: http://www.vertikal.net/en/news/story/14050/
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